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List of Technical Bulletins (Downloadable in PDF)

Technical Bulletins in English

Cultivation Technology of Paddy Straw Mushroom (Volvariella volvacea).

Management of Spent Mushroom Substrate.

Flammulina velutipes,The Culinary Medicinal Winter Mushroom

Diseases and Competitor Moulds of Mushrooms and their Management

Post Harvest Technology of Mushroom

Farm Design  for White Button Mushroom

Mushroom spawn production and Infrastructure requirements

Technologies Developed by ICAR-Directorate of Mushroom Research for Commercial Use

Technical Bulletins in Hindi

प्रारम्भिक मशरूम उत्पादन

पुआल मशरूम (वोल्वरेइल्ला वोल्वेसिया) का उत्पादन

स्पेंट मशरूम पोशाधार का प्रबन्धन

व्यवसायिक बटन खुम्ब फ़ार्म की संरचना

ऋषि (गैनोडरमा) गुण एवम उत्पादन




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