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  Online/Off line Training Programmes on Mushroom Cultivation Technology

ऑनलाइन/ऑफलाइन  - मशरूम उत्पादन प्रशिक्षण कलेंडर - अप्रैल-सितम्बर 2022


Sr No
Course Title
Nos of seats and language
Online Registration
Course Director/Coordinators
Training on Mushroom Cultivation Technology for Entrepreneurs (Off Line)
Entrepreneurs : English - 40 Nos
7 days
21-27 April
11-14th April
Rs. 15000.00  per trainee
Dr. V.P. Sharma
Dr. Anil Kumar
Dr. Shweta Bijla
Training on Mushroom Cultivation for small/marginal farmers/growers (Off Line)
Farmers :Hindi - 40 Nos.
6 days
23-28 May
10-13 May 2022
Rs. 7500.00  per trainee
Dr. B. L. Attri
Dr. Anuradha
Training on Mushroom Cultivation Technology (Online)
Entrepreneurs/farmers : Hindi- 100 Nos.
5 days
14-18 June
01-04 June 2022
Rs. 3000.00  per trainee
Dr. Shwet Kamal
Dr. Manoj Nath
Training on Mushroom Cultivation for KVK staff (Off line)
Only for Scientists/SMS/Technical Staff of KVKs - English 30 Nos.
6 days
Training on Mushroom Cultivation for KVK staff (Off line 11-16 July 2022) is postponed due to administrative reason. New date will be decided soon.
Not Applicable**
No Fee
Dr. B. L. Attri
Dr. Anuradha
Training on Mushroom Cultivation Technology for Entrepreneurs (Off Line)
Entrepreneurs : Hindi - 40 Nos.
7 days
06-12 August
20-23 July 2022
Rs. 15000.00  per trainee
Dr. Satish Kumar
Dr. Anupam Barh
Training on Mushroom Cultivation for small/marginal farmers/growers (Off Line)
English 40 Nos
6 days
12-17 September
24-27 August 2022
Rs. 7500.00  per trainee
Dr. Anil Kumar
Dr. Shweta Bijla
Training on Mushroom Cultivation Technology (Online)
Entrepreneurs/farmers :English - 100 Nos.
5 days
26-30 September
13-16 September 2022
Rs. 3000.00  per trainee
Dr. B. L. Attri
Dr. A. Duttatray
Training on Mushroom Cultivation Technology under TSP/NEH/SCSP Grants (Off line)
Hindi 40 Nos.
3 days
Dates will be decided by the TOT Section
 Not Applicable
Dr. V. P. Sharma

** The officials have to send their application with full details through proper channel to Director, ICAR-DMR, Chambaghat, Solan (H.P.) -173213 by 5th July, 2022.


Sr No
Course Title
Nos of seats and language
Dates of trainings
Date of Registration closing
Course Director/Coordinators
Training on Mushroom Spawn Production Technology (Off line)
Hindi/English -10 Nos Each batch of training
3 days
28-30 April
11-13 May
16-18 June
28-30 July
25-27 August
19-21 September
13-15 October
17-19 November
15-17 December
19-21 January 2023
23-25 February 2023
16-18 March 2023


27 April
10 May
15 June
27 July
24 August
18 September
12 October
16 November
14 December
18 January 23
22 February 23
15 March 23
Rs. 3000.00  per trainee
Dr. V.P. Sharma
Dr. Anil Kumar
Sh. Jeet Ram
Ms. Parul Verma



Training on Cordyceps Cultivation (Off line)

Hindi/English -10 Nos
3 days

28-30 June 2022

Click here for details

Rs.7500/- per trainee

Dr. Satish Kumar
Dr. Shweta Sharma
  • Course Director Dr. V.P. Sharma, Director  - (Land Line : 01792-230451)
  • Smt. Reeta Bhatia and Dr. Shweta Bijla will be Course Co-coordinator of above all training schedules (9418649097, 9896027378)
  • Note : Participants are requested to ensure that payment for the training is made once.  ICAR-DMR will not be responsible for the refund of over payment, if any.
  • After registration all the participants are requested to wait as the confirmation for the training and online link will be sent 2-3 days before the training.

How to apply :  Payment Procedure for SBI Collect

Payment can only be made through online mode

  • Click on SBI Collect link below. This will redirect you to SBI Collect Payment Gateway.
  • Check the Terms Used and click on Proceed button.
  • Select State of Corporate / Institution =>(Himachal Pradesh)
  • Click on Type of Corporate / Institution =>(Govt Department)
  • Click on button => (Go)
  • Select the Govt Department Name => (ICAR-DMR) Note : Kindly select appropriate category option
  • Click on Submit button.
  • Select the Payment Category... fill up the form and submit.

Note : Name, Email address and mobile no.(Whatsapp) should be accurate.

Apply on line, Click link below. This Link will be deactivated, once the seats are full.


Terms and conditions

  • Attendance for all the classes in the training is compulsory. Those found absent during any lecture/practical for any reasons will not be given completion certificates.
  • Registration fee is only for training material and training charges and it does not include the cost of travel, stay, food etc.
  • Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable either to other persons or other training programmes.
  • Shared dormitories in the DMR Farmers hostel will be provided to interested trainees @ Rs 50 per day per trainee subject to availability (Only 40 trainees). No accompanying members will be given accommodation in the hostel.
  • Communication about the selection in the training and accommodation in the hostel will be communicated either through
  • E-mail only. We need 7-8 working days after submitting the application to confirm the participation.
  • Trainees can avail canteen facility in the ICAR-DMR office campus at nominal rates.
  • DMR Hostel phone number: 01792-230358.

Journey and Accommodation

The trainees themselves will have to pay for their to & fro journey. Those not given the hostel facility should and make their own stay arrangement during the training. There are numerous hotels in and around Chambaghat / Solan ranging between Rs.500.00 to Rs.2500.00 per night. The allotment for the hostel will be made by the course Director/ course Coordinator. DMR, Solan is located on Kalka - Shimla National Highway-22 at a distance of about 75 km from Chandigarh Bus Stand, and 40 km from Kalka Railway Station. It is well connected by rail and road route from Delhi, Chandigarh, Kalka and Shimla. The season during April to September will be pleasant and light jackets / pullovers will be required in the evenings.

Training Details

The Cultivation Technology of following types of Mushroom will be covered during the training course with emphasis on practical.

  • Cultivation Technology of White button mushroom
  • Cultivation Technology of Oyster mushroom
  • Cultivation Technology of Paddy straw and Milky mushrooms.
  • Cultivation technology of Specialty mushrooms - Shiitake, Ganoderma , Flammulina, Hericium

Besides the cultivation Technology of above mushrooms, training will cover following aspects in details:

  • Nutritional / Medicinal value of mushrooms and  its relevance in healthy food
  • Seeds/spawn preparation technique for mushrooms
  • Substrate preparation technique for mushrooms
  • Infrastructure requirement for setting up of a composite mushroom farm
  • Crop raising of all above mushrooms including crop management
  • Pest/diseases management in mushrooms
  • Postharvest handling/value addition of mushrooms

Apart from above aspects of cultivation technology, the other important related aspects viz; economics of mushrooms cultivation, marketing, financing, management of spent compost etc. will also be covered during the training course.


(Entrepreneurs Training- Theory)

  • Mushrooms- An Agri-business
  • Nutritional and medicinal value of mushrooms
  • Culture preparation and preservation techniques in mushrooms
  • Spawn production technology
  • Formulations and recent advances in compost production for button mushroom
  • Recent advances in crop management of white button mushroom
  • Farm-design and infrastructure for a commercial mushroom growing unit
  • Economics of button mushroom cultivation under controlled conditions
  • Cultivation of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus spp.)
  • Infrastructure requirement and economics of oyster mushroom
  • Cultivation & economics of paddy straw mushroom (Volvariella spp.)
  • Cultivation & economics of milky mushroom ( Calocybe indica )
  • Cultivation of Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Cultivation of speciality mushrooms like Ganoderma , Flammulina and Hericium
  • Competitor moulds/fungal and viral diseases of mushrooms
  • Bacterial diseases and abiotic disorders of mushrooms
  • Insect, pests & nematodes of mushrooms and their management
  • Uses and/or disposal of spent mushroom substrate
  • Postharvest handling, value-addition and marketing of mushrooms
  • Round the year cultivation of mushrooms
  • Financial assistance from Banks for mushroom project
  • Sources of information for various inputs and guidance on mushroom cultivation.


  • Mushroom Culture preparation
  • Mushroom Spawn production
  • Compost preparation for white button mushroom
  • Substrate preparation for oyster mushroom
  • Substrate preparation for paddy straw mushroom
  • Substrate preparation for Shiitake mushroom
  • Substrate preparation for Milky mushroom
  • Substrate preparation for Ganoderma mushroom
  • Casing and crop management in button mushroom
  • Diseases /mould/insect pests, their identification and management
  • Post-harvest handling and value addition of mushrooms
  • Farm visit
  • Video film on mushroom cultivation/ harvesting/ processing
  • Visit to the mushroom farm

for more details contact Dr. Shweta Bijla, Phone : 01792-230767 (Ext. 236)





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