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Research Papers

1. Annepu S K, Sharma V P, Kumar S, Barh A, Banayal S and Kamal S. 2018. Enzyme profile of shiitake mushroom strains grown on wheat straw. Indian Journal of Horticulture, 75(3): 475-48.

2. Arora B, Kamal S, Sethi S, Joshi A and Sharma V P. 2018. Mushrooms: Reservoir of vital nutrients and bioactives. Mushroom Research 27 (1): 97-101.

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4. Gautam Y. 2018. Innovative use of ICT Technologies in dissemination of information regarding mushrooms. International Journal of Research in IT and Management. 9(1):1-3.

5. Jana B R, Srivastava A and Idris M. 2018. Climate Change Effects and Quality Makhana Production under Wetland Ecosystem of North Bihar. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences, 7(12): 578-587.

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9. Kishor A, Narayan R, Brijwal M, Attri B L, Kumar A. and Debnath S. 2018. Performance of some new apple cultivars for yield and physico-chemical characters under mid hill conditions of Uttarakhand. Indian Journal of Horticulture, 75 (1): 8-14.

10. Kumar A, Attri B L, Mer M S, Ahmed N and Narayan R. 2017. Comparative physicochemical properties of fresh and gummosis affected peach (Prunus persica) var. Red June in Uttarakhand. Progressive Horticulture, 49 (2): 129-132.

11. Nath M, Bhatt D, Jain A, Saxena S C, Saifi S K, Yadav S, Negi M, Prasad R and Tuteja N. 2019. Salt stress triggers augmented levels of Na+, Ca2+ and ROS and alter stressresponsive gene expression in roots of CBL9 and CIPK23 knockout mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 161: 265-276. DOI.10.1016/ j.envexpbot.2018.10.005.

12. Pathak A, Vijay B, and Kamal S. 2018. Molecular identification and characterization of Humicola insolens isolates from button mushroom compost. Mushroom Research 27 (1) : 37-44. okf"kZd izfrosnu 2018&19 Hkk-—-vuq-i-&[kqEc vuqla/kku funs’kky; 85

13. Sanyal S K, Kamal S, Sharma V P, and Devi R. 2018. Some interesting Agaricomyceteous fungi from Himachal Pradesh (India). Mushroom Research 27 (1) : 27-36. 14. Sharma V P, Annepu S K, Barh A, Shirur M and Kamal S. 2018. Genetic divergence and cluster analysis in shiitake genotypes based on yield related traits with commercial breeding significance to shorten the production period. International journal of vegetable science, 24 (5), 424-431.

15. Sharma V P, Kumar A, Barh A, Kamal S and Kumar S. 2019. Adaptability and Trait Stability Analysis in Volvariella volvacea (Paddy Straw Mushroom). International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences 8(04): 1472-1471.

16. Shirur M, Sharma V P, Upadhyay R C, Ahlawat O P, Kumar S, Kamal S, Yadav A S, Chinnara N. 2018. On-farm Research Trials in Mushroom Farming: Technology assessment and constraint based recommendations. Mushroom Research 27 (1) : 87-95.

17. Sharma V P, Gupta M, Kamal S, Sharma S, Aneppu S, Kumar S and Sanyal S K. 2019. Genetic diversity and physiological relatedness amongst 30 strains of Lentinula edodes (Berk) Pegler. Sydowia 71: 91–101.

18. Singh M, Kamal S, Sharma V P. 2018. Status and trends in world mushroom productionII -Mushroom production in Japan and China. Mushroom Research 27(1): 1-25.

19. Sudheer A, Sharma V P, Barh A, Kumar S, Shirur M and Kamal S. 2019. Effects of genotype and growing substrate on bioefficiency of gourmet and medicinal mushroom Lentinula edode (Berk) Pegler. Bangladesh Journal of Botany, 48(1): 129- 138. 




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