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    ICAR-DMR Solan conducts need based research in following theme areas


Crop Production

The section is engaged in the activities related to compost production, supplementation, agronomic practices, crop management, and casing soil for white button mushroom cultivation . This section also deals with cultivation technologies of oyster shiitake, paddy straw, milky  and other mushrooms, especially evaluation of  agricultural wastes. It is also engaged in the standardization of cultivation technology of specialty mushrooms, which include Calocybe indica, Lentinula edodes, Hericium, Cordyceps and Auricularia spp. Recently this section has also started the work on residue studies. Morchella has been also cultivated successfully.

Crop Protection

This section is engaged in the management of pests and diseases and development of IPM technology in mushrooms.

Crop Improvement

This section is engaged in the improvement of the button mushroom and oyster, shiitake, paddy straw and milky mushroom. Work on single spore isolation and hybridization of different mushroom strains is being carried out to evolve high yielding disease and pest resistant mushrooms with better quality traits.

Crop Nutrition, Utilization and Post Harvest Technology

This section deals with the improvement of the post harvest shelf life of button mushroom, preservation / development of different mushroom based value added products. Work on novel value added products like Snack bar, Instant mushroom soup powder, Oyster mushroom spread, Shiitake mushroom and vegetable soup mix, mushroom multi grain bread and fortified health drink powder.





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