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Technologies commercialized



Released strains of temperature tolerant white button mushroom (A.bitorquis): Two improved strains of summer white button mushroom (Agaricus bitorquis) viz; NCB-6 and NCB-13 were released alongwith complete package of practices in form of 2 booklets during the VIIIth AICMIP Workshop held at NRCM, Solan from 1-2 May, 2000.  The new varieties are introduction from hot areas of USA and were released for commercial cultivation in India after evaluation trials and standardization of cultivation technology for 6-7 years at this Centre.  Both these exotic strains performed better during multilocational testing at the Centres of All India Coordinated Mushroom Improvement Project as well as during "On Farm Trials" conducted at Solan.


Released strains of A.bisporus:   Developed and released 3 new strains of Agaricus bisporus (NCS-100, NCS-101, NCH-102) (two single spore isolates and one hybrid strain) for use in India. Followings are the technologies commercialized at DMR, Solan.

In Year 2013-14, DMR has released eight new varieties of different mushroom list below:


White Button mushroom : DMR-button-03
Brown button mushroom: DMR-button-06
Shiitake mushroom:  DMR-Shiitake-38, DMR-Shiitake-388
Paddy straw mushroom :  DMRO-247-DMRO-484
Milky mushroom :  DMR-Milky-334

Macrocybe mushroom : DMR-Macrocybe-01




  1. Cultivation of Pleurotus eryngii (Kabul Dhingri)
  2. Cultivation technology of Auricularia polytricha
  3. Cultivation technology of medicinal mushroom (Reishi)
  4. Cultivation of wild mushroom Flammulina on saw dust
  5. Cultivation technology of milky mushroom (Calocybe indica)
  6. Cultivation technology of Lentinula edodes (Shiitake mushroom)
  7. Cultivation technology of Agrocybe aegerita
  8. Cultivation technology of paddy straw mushroom



  1. Production of white button mushroom compost by indoor composting technique
  2. Shortening the period under long method composting
  3. Post composting supplementation in Agaricus bisporus compost
  4. Chemical sterilization of compost
  5. Chemical sterilization technique (CST) for oyster mushroom cultivation
  6. Improved cultural practices for button mushroom
  7. Mushroom Flies Management



  1. Management of wet bubble disease (Mycogone perniciosa)
  2. Techniques for enhancement in quality and shelf-life of harvested button mushroom
  3. Post Harvest technology developed
  4. Recycling of spent mushroom substrate
  5. Cultivation of pink oyster mushroom
  6. Cultivation Tech. Hericium erinaceus (Monkey Head Mushroom)

Why eat mushrooms ?










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