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  • Cultures of  edible cultivated mushrooms. (For Details click here)
  • Spawn of  edible cultivated mushrooms (For Details click here)
  • Training to entrepreneurs, farmers/farm women, SMS and International trainees. (For Details click here)
  • Preparation of TEFR on commercial project formulation and evaluation. (For Details click here)
  • Advice on various aspect of mushrooms. (For Details click here)
  • Extension literature  (For Details click here)
  • Video films  (For Details click here)
  • Testing of compost, casing soil & composting ingredients.
  • Identification of mushroom insect, pest & diseases.
  • Farm Designing | Composting of Button mushrooms
  • Crop Management of Button Mushroom
  • Cultivation & crop management of Oyster mushroom
  • Cultivation & crop management of Milky mushroom
  • Cultivation & crop management of Paddy straw mushroom
  • Spent Mushroom Substrate
 To avail above services please see the contact person details -  (Click Here)





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