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Culture Bank of DMR

Mushroom Culture Bank

The DMR Solan has a large repository of edible and non-edible mushroom germplasm.  All the cultures are regularly maintained by sub culturing at +4oC and in liquid paraffin.  Cultures are supplied to Entrepreneurs and Research / Development organisations. The cost of one culture is  Rs 1000/- (One culture of two tubes).  The indentor for culture can pay online using the link below:

         Link   >>>   Make Payment through SBI Collect        <<<







The cultures will be supplied by speed post. For any query email on :
Mobile No. 9857399248
The main edible mushroom cultures available are as follows:
Agaricus bitorquis
Agaricus bisporus and Portabella
 Agrocybe aegerita
Volvariella volvacea
Auricularia polytricha
Calocybe indica

Ganoderma lucidium

Cordyceps militaries

Schizophyllum commune

Termites vesicular

Grifola frondosa

Lentinula edodes
Morchella conica
Pleurotus sajor-caju / P. pulmonarius
Pleurotus flabellatus
Pleurotus sapidus
Pleurotus ostreatus
Pleurotus eryngii
Pleurotus djamor var roseus
Pleurotus florida
Pleurotus citrinopileatus (Golden and Yellow)
Hercium erinaceus

Flammulina velutipes

We also accept safe deposition of mushroom cultures in the DMR Gene Bank.  The depositor has to provide the source of cultures and other details, then we will provide DMR accession number.


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