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Research Papers:  2009-10



  1. Ahlawat, O.P., Raj, Dev, Indurani, C., Sagar, M.P., Gupta, Pardeep and Vijay, B. 2009. Effect of spent mushroom substrate recomposted by different methods and of different age on vegetative growth, yield and quality of tomato. Indian Journal of Horticulture 66(2): 208-214
  2. Ahlawat, O.P., Rajender, Singh and Rai, R.D. 2009. Influence of Different Composted Substrates on Yield and Nutritional Attributes of Paddy Straw Mushroom, Volvariella volvacea. International J Medicinal Mushroom 11(4): 427-436.
  3. Ahlawat, O.P. and Singh, Rajender. 2009. Influence of pH, temperature and cultural media on decolorization of synthetic dyes through spent substrate of different mushrooms. Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 68(12): 1068-1074.
  4. Kumar, S. 2009. Effect of some insecticides on edible fungi and sciarid fly larvae. Insect Environment 15: 21-22
  5. Kumar, S., Sharma, S.R. and Sharma, V.P. 2008. Status of carbendazim residue in processed and marketable mushrooms. Mush. Res. 17(1):43-46
  6. Kumar, S., Sharma, S.R. and Sharma, V.P. 2008. Persistence and effect of processing on the residues of malathionand decamethrin in white button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus. Indian  J.  Mush.  27:19-24.
  7. Sagar, M.P., Ahlawat, O.P., Raj, D., Vijay, B. and Indurani, C. 2009. Indigenous technical knowledge about the use of spent mushroom substrate. Indian J Traditional Knowledge 8(2): 242-248.
  8. Sharma, V.P. and Kumar, Rajesh. 2008.  Management of Sepedonium yellow mould through chemicals. Mush. Res. 17 (1): 19-23.
  9. Sharma, V.P., Singh, S.K., Kumar, Satish and Anjali. 2009. Impact of neem pesticides for the management of mycoparasites. Indian  J.  Mush.  27: 38-40.
  10. Sharma, V.P., Singh, S.K., Kumar, Satish and Sharma, S.R. 2008.  Molecular diagnosis of Fusarium rot and shaggy stipe disease associated with the cultivation of Agaricus bisporus mushroom. Mush. Res. 17 (2): 87-90.
  11. Upadhyay, R.C. Semwal, K.C , A.,Tripathi and Deepika Kumari. 2008. Studies on Amanita hemibpha complex from North Western Himalaya (India). Mush. Res. 17(1):1-7.
  12. Vijay, B., Singh, P. Sharma, N. and Pathak, A.  2008. Studies on thermophilic fungi of Agaricus bisporus compost.  Indian J. Mush.26 (1&2):1-9




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