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Chemical sterilization of compost
 Long method compost harbours number of competitors and disease causing organisms which hamper the yield.  The technique of sterilization of long method compost has been standardized at the Centre, which is as follows.  Take 50gm of bavastin and 150ml of formaldehyde and dissolve these two chemicals in 40 liters of water.  This chemical solution is sufficient for the treatment of 1 ton of prepared compost.  Compost after its preparation (28 days) is spread on the platform and thoroughly treated with this chemical solution.  After treatment compost is again made up into a heap and covered with a polythene sheet for 48 hours.  After this period, polythene sheet is removed and compost turned to remove the excess fumes of formaldehyde and spawned as usual.  This treatment of long method compost is very effective for the treatment of yellow mould diseases.





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